Student Feedback

Pravit Rawat (IIT Bhubaneshwar) 

Pravit possessed a natural inclination towards science and, following in his father's footsteps, he made the decision to pursue a career in the same field. Initially, he relied on YouTube videos and other online resources to grasp the necessary concepts while preparing for the JEE exam to secure admission into a reputable engineering college. 

However, in July 2022, Pravit took a step further and enrolled in Avanti's test prep program. During his time in Avanti's program, Pravit found immense support from his math teacher, Mr. Harshit. With a remarkable ability to simplify complex concepts, Mr. Harshit played a crucial role in Pravit's academic journey. Thanks to Mr. Harshit's guidance, Pravit developed a better understanding of mathematical principles and gained confidence in his ability to perform well in the JEE exam. 

Pravit expressed his interest in pursuing research in physics and acknowledged his parents and the guidance of his Avanti class teachers for inspiring him to set and achieve this ambitious goal. To further refine his preparation for the JEE Advanced exam, Pravit signed up for Avanti's one-month crash course which included weekly mock tests that provided Pravit with the necessary practice and helped him stay on the right track. As a result of his diligent efforts and effective preparation, Pravit achieved an outstanding score of 126 in the JEE Advanced exam. He has now enrolled in Mechanical Engineering at IIT Ropar, a dream that he has worked so hard towards.

Harshita Bharti (MBBS-Lady Hardinge Medical College)

Through Avanti’s online test prep program, Harshita has embarked on a remarkable journey towards her goal of achieving a good score in the NEET exam. In doing so, she is not only taking strides toward her own dreams but also fulfilling the aspirations her mother once held as a student.

Growing up in a small village in Uttar Pradesh, Harshita 's mother encountered numerous obstacles that disrupted her education, preventing her from advancing beyond the 10th grade due to societal pressures. This thwarted her dream of becoming a doctor, but she held onto that aspiration. When Harshita  entered high school, her mother's unfulfilled ambitions became a motivating factor. She saw in their child an opportunity to realize the dream she could not attain herself. With unwavering support and encouragement, her mother urged Harshita to pursue the science stream, believing in their potential to excel in the field of medicine.

The family faced financial constraints, relying solely on Harshita’s  father as the breadwinner. The cost of private NEET coaching appeared unattainable. Harshita  turned to alternative resources to supplement their studies, leveraging YouTube as a virtual classroom that provided educational videos and lectures.

Upon reaching 12th grade, it became evident that more structured guidance was necessary to excel in the NEET exam. This led to the discovery of Avanti's online test prep program, which offered comprehensive study materials, practice tests, and expert guidance. With the assistance of dedicated teachers, Harshita effectively covered extensive portions of the syllabus. The weekly tests served as valuable tools to measure progress, identify areas requiring improvement, and fine-tune the preparation strategy.

Months of diligent studying, coupled with the support of teachers and the resources provided by Avanti, culminated in a noteworthy category rank of 1155 and admission into Lady Hardinge Medical College for Harshita. This achievement was met with overwhelming joy, signifying not only the realization of her own dream of pursuing a medical career but also the fulfillment of her mother's long-held aspirations.

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